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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the rate for Website Design?
    Projects are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking: *Premium subscriptions, domains, and other web related costs are not included
  • How much for an E-commerce Store?
    E-commerce projects range from small to large shops and may involve multiple platform integrations *Premium subscriptions, domains, integrated apps, and other web shop related costs are not included
  • How much for a Digital Marketing Campaign?
    Digital marketing and social media marketing is an umbrella of services with a diverse tool box. Depending on the client's goal an online advertisement campaign pathway is determined. Ranges from $1000 - $5000/campaign May include one or a combination of: Google Ads Facebook Ads Social Media Content Funnels/Landing Page Measurement Data Campaign Reconfiguration *Advertising budget costs are not included
  • How much for Graphic Design Services?
  • What is the minimum cost to commission a project?
    DWDM has a minimum starting threshold of $500 Exception: Small one-off web design tasks are charged on a separate fee schedule
  • Does DWDM offer refunds?
    Time and service rendered are non-refundable. Billing is based upon professional expertise, experience, and labor.
  • Does DWDM turn down project requests?
    Denial and acceptance of a project is solely at the discretion of DWDM. Rejection of project requests is on a case-by-case basis, but generally this is the guideline for rejection: Sexual/romantic nature Human trafficking Lewd or immodest content Unethical, illegal, immoral, theft, or dishonest material and/or other matters along those lines


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