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Cartoon Illustration "Crow Tengu"



Drawing and designing my own fascinating characters is what I've done since I was 10 and just never stopped. 

I have a passion for color, character and story - well, who doesn't? We artists all say that. 

My purpose is for the viewer to come away from my art with a memorable and distinct feeling.

Crow Tengu_color 3.png


By combining graphic design and a variety of similar skills in my toolbox I have been able to help small businesses grow their online customer and lead acquisition strategies.


Landing page, web page, online advertising, and explainer ad videos are the services I provide.  

Karatedo-kids-gymnasium_Whitecrest MA 2weeks 29.95.jpg


I expanded into graphic design from fine/graphic arts because people around me always needed it, and I found that I had a knack for it, and it has served small businesses to ministries and missions around the world - from USA to Africa to Asia.

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My life journey took me to lands far, far away that opened doors for me to teach Art & Design to creative students in elementary school to university classrooms.


Lecturing and mentoring artists is a joy that equals my own love for making art. 

I continue to teach art students overseas via online learning.

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